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From ancient roots we grow fertile solutions.


Our values — steeped in tikkun olam (repair of the world),
tzedakah (justice), and the humanistic focus on caring community,
inform our work across all faiths, all backgrounds, and all ages.

We create opportunities for communities to help communities.
We work towards a holistic approach to food security, together.
We deliver with dignity in what and how we serve.

Did You Know??

  • Hunger doubled during the pandemic — to 16.8% of households in MA
  • COVID-based programs that fed people in crisis are no longer occurring
  • Food prices have risen more than 11% in one year
  • Childhood obesity and diabetes have risen due to lack of access to healthy food

Our Solutions:

  • Our food equity program, Growing Gardens, helps children and families plant, grow and eat their own culturally meaningful and healthy food
  • Each week our new refrigerated van delivers over $18,000 worth of donated, healthy meat — and counting
  • Increased gleaning in all counties means 54,000 pounds of produce to families by 2025.

Our Impact:

  • We increased our quantity of food delivered by approximately 75% since October, 2022
  • We increased our quality of food — produce, meat and dairy — by over 60% in our daily deliveries
  • We increased the numbers of agencies we serve by 50% since the pandemic
  • Fifty percent of our agencies are not served by the Food Bank or other food access programs

With More Support:

  • We can continue our growth to meet the need
  • We can invest in community health by greater access to healthy food
  • We can expand our support of faith communities through delivering kosher and halal food
  • We can continue and grow our partnerships with organizations to help provide local sustainable solutions to the increasing challenges with food supply worldwide
  • We can continue to support the refugee crisis in our backyard — from Ukrainians and Afghans fleeing war and disruption to climate refugees
  • We are on track to deliver 750k pounds of produce meat dairy and baked goods in 2023

Rachel’s Table is powered by the generosity and commitment of the community. Learn how you can get involved through clicking the buttons below.

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