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In conjunction with their food access and equity programs NOFa-MA (Northeast Organic Farming Association Massachusetts Chapter) provides technical expertise and site support in Growing Gardens.

FOCUS Springfield

FOCUS Springfield supports Springfield residents in learning and telling the story of Growing Gardens through community-focused, narrative documentary filmmaking.

UMass Amherst

Students explore food security through mutually beneficial, civic-oriented projects, spanning volunteer management research, distribution evaluation, short filmmaking, and policy summary and analysis.

Smith College

Smith College students in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) classes collaborate with Rachel’s Table staff on data-based projects to help us analyze and improve the services we offer and share Rachel’s Table’s impact and story through visuals.

Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Partnering with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and Big Y helps us all help good food get to people. Rachel’s Table became the wheels for the Food Bank enabled agency program – together we fill each other’s gaps and make a difference across our community. Learn more about the partnership here.

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