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Join Us in Outrunning Hunger This Spring – Let’s Make a Difference Together! 

Dear Friends of Rachel’s Table, 

As spring blossoms around us, we find ourselves reflecting on the tremendous impact we’ve collectively achieved in the fight against hunger across Western Massachusetts. Your unwavering support has been the backbone of our mission, allowing us to nearly double our impact in 2023 as we transitioned through significant milestones. Join us to help this year!

Last year was a landmark year for us – together, we distributed over 760,000 pounds of food, marking a 95% increase from 2022. Our gleaning efforts saw remarkable growth, with 44 gleans completed, up from 12 the previous year. As of April 2024, our community will have co-created 11 gardens, fostering food security and unity in partnership with those most affected by food insecurity. 

More so, our initiatives have shed light on those teetering on the “cliff” of food insecurity. Our new gleaning program in 2023 not only attracted 117 new volunteers but also directly contributed to approximately 25% of gleaners’ own households and food budgets. This success highlights how important it is to approach immediate- and long-term solutions to hunger in partnership with impacted people – to support communities helping communities.    Read our 2023 EOY Report for more inspiring stats. 

Our journey towards a hunger-free community is a shared one. Together, we’re nurturing a culture of generational change, engaging youth in meaningful actions, and empowering children and seniors alike through gardening programs that not only feed bodies but souls.  

Here’s where you come in! Our Outrun Hunger event is on the horizon, and your support is more crucial than ever. By sponsoring Outrun Hunger, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re fueling our year-long battle against hunger. Learn how to become a sponsor.  

The due date for sponsorship is coming up – by April 15 to make sure your name or logo is on the race t-shirt! Let’s race together on May 19th to fill the bowls of those in need. Whether you race, walk, or join the story walk sponsored by PJ Library, your participation is a stride towards a fuller, more united community. Sign up now and join our story. 

As we gear up for Outrun Hunger, let’s remember that our collective efforts today sow the seeds for a hunger-free tomorrow. Your support, whether through sponsorship, participation, or spreading the word, makes a tangible difference in the lives of many. 

Thank you for standing with us. Together, we are stronger, and together, we can outrun hunger. 

Warmest regards, 

Jodi Falk 

Executive Director 

Rachel’s Table of Western Massachusetts 

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